The future-proof Mainframe – Access Management in the Digital Age

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RACF Administration in the Digital Age

Companies that operate mainframe systems are presently facing hard times. Most of their mainframe experts are about to retire, and only few young IT specialists can fill the gap. However, the mainframe remains a key technology today and in the future – one that has to meet constantly rising demands also for the RACF administration.

Mainframe Access Management White Paper EN

Digitization, new legal provisions, and organizational changes require that mainframe systems quickly adapt to new practices and regulations. This forcesorganizations to develop corresponding strategies, including ways to simplify RACF-based authorization management and to make it more secure.

New White Paper available on RACF administration

Our whitepaper identifies the daily RACF administration challenges and points out areas prone to security risks and is intended for data center managers who operate RACF systems.In this paper, recommendations are provided for optimizing access management, thus improving corporate security. Key demands include user-friendly user administration, real-time monitoring of security-relevant RACF events, as well as automated reporting and audit-ing.

Such a system will allow even non-specialized staff to manage the z/OS RACF Security Server and generate audit reports quickly and reliably. This relieves IT administrators of tedious routine tasks, resulting in lower costs and greatly increased corporate data security. It provides companies with key tools that give them the agility needed to quickly adjust to changing requirements and legislation.

New Business White Paper available

„How to administrate mainframe access rights to overcome the growing challenges of the digital age.“

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You will read about the chance to not only keep your RACF administration easy and reliable, but also a cost effective one!

Beta Systems and its Beta 88 z/OS RACF suite are not only handling all of the standard needs, such as automated reset of user groups, easy to implement GUI and simple to use drop down facilities, but also give you the chance to radically decrease your costs for the RACF administration.

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