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Workload Automation with StreamworksWe have added the ‘Streamworks’ workload automation software from arvato Systems to our workload automation portfolio and closely collaborate with the company as part of our sales partnership. Continue reading to find out why we forged this partnership and learn about the many benefits this delivers to our customers.

Why did we engage partnership with arvato Systems?

Streamworks is a modern distributed platform software that offers comprehensive enterprise workload automation functions. It is an ideal addition to the Beta UX Suite for companies looking to control their applications across platforms, departments and sites.
The partnership with arvato Systems allows us to provide customers operating distributed server system landscapes (e.g. based on Unix, Linux and Windows) or planning on migrating to these platforms with an integrated, end-to-end solution for company-wide workload automation. Streamworks and our Beta UX LogMaster – an application that facilitates legally compliant long-term archiving of all process information – represent an attractive and powerful bundle.

What is Streamworks Workload Automation?

arvato Systems, a member of the Bertelsmann Group, processes a monthly volume of 4.5 million batch jobs in-house using the Streamworks workload automation software. Streamworks owes its key strong points to its own development history: The Streamworks software was originally designed for the mainframe, and it still incorporates proven processes from this time. Moreover, SAP automations and patch management can be set up for fully automatic operation in next to no time. For example, as regards patch management, it is possible to patch 200 servers in 4 hours. The self-service portal allows specialist departments to communicate their requirements to the scheduling team in a direct and standardized manner. The software is based on cutting-edge Micosoft technology, and the built-in failover management functions make it highly available and freely scalable.

By adding Streamworks to our portfolio of products for distributed platforms, we can now offer our customers a highly attractive workload automation package. We have already gained a bank as our first Streamworks customer. The customer carried out a technology shift from the mainframe to distributed servers using our migration tools and our Unix/Linux solutions (Beta UX).

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