Latest Release Beta UX 4.4. Now Available

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Beta UX Output Management and Archive

The latest version of the Beta UX 4.4. output management and archive suite has just been released. For several months, the team evaluated numerous suggestions and requirements communicated to us by our customers and implemented these in the 4.4. release. The changes aim at making document handling with the Beta UX Suite even more secure and intuitive.

Improved Usability of Beta UX 4.4. Thanks to Various New Functions

  • Streamlined hierarchical structure simplifies the DMS
  • Additional commands for transparent data analysis
  • Granular priority control for document bulk printing
  • New note types and AES encryption

These are the Beta UX 4.4 document management suite’s new highlights in brief. Now to the details:

One request voiced by many customers was the wish for a Windows-Explorer-style hierarchical tree view.

Users can place (AFP/mainframe) lists and documents into this structure during indexing and search for entries. This complete overview of records greatly facilitates case processing. Occasional users, too, benefit from the new structure as it allows them to retrieve documents much more rapidly than before. Moreover, users can configure individual searches based on processes and persons. This applies to all components of the Beta UX 4.4 Suite, i.e., also to log files managed in LogMaster.

New Output Management Functions for Controlling Print Priorities

Moreover, our new release allows users to prioritize print jobs of the various departments in a highly granular manner – both for manually triggered jobs and batch print jobs.

This makes it possible to fast-track very urgent documents ahead of normal production jobs, which have a maximum of two priority levels. This enables production managers to spontaneously respond to ad-hoc requests for printouts/reprints.

New Command Interface Functions

Our development team added five new commands to the command interface. These bring added transparency and speed to database queries and data analysis. This furthermore provides the basis for achieving increased process automation with Beta UX 4.4. In addition, Beta UX 4.4. now makes the LToken available as a unique technical document ID to speed up search queries. As a result, whenever the document ID is known, for instance because it is listed in the log file, users can access the associated document reliably and with ease.

DMS Functions – Extended Note Types and Encryption

Release 4.4 also introduces new note types (thumbnail, signature) you can use to manage preview images and compliance-relevant information. For added convenience, these can be applied on the document level just like text notes, meaning you do not need to open the document to utilize them. So-called ‘side files’ complement documents and allow for evaluating information when reading MS-Office documents; you can also store an index of the main document in the side file.

The new release also takes encryption up a notch by offering encryption according to the AES standard. To top things off, Beta UX 4.4. supports document output in UTF-8 via the buxtxt2u.exe conversion tool. This is of great interest to international companies, as it enables them to search for indexes using Japanese or Arabic characters. This feature addresses the increasing demand for international support, in particular in these languages.

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