Enterprise Control Center V1.1

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Enterprise Control Center - DashboardNew Graphical Administration Interface for Beta Systems Mainframe Products

Beta Systems proudly presents the first version of the new Enterprise Control Center product, which was developed in less than a year.

  • Control center for Beta Systems products
  • Control & monitoring across all STCs
  • Optimized usability for administrators, IT operation teams and specialist department staff
  • A platform for automating our products via API web service
Enterprise Control Center – Available on any Device

Enterprise Control Center – Available on any Device

The Enterprise Control Center (ECC in short) from Beta Systems is a graphical user interface (GUI) for monitoring, controlling and administrating all major products.

The Beta Systems Enterprise Job Manager (Beta 92 EJM) is the first product that can be operated via the Enterprise Control Center. The Enterprise Control Center for Beta 92 EJM facilitates parallel monitoring and controlling of multiple EJM systems. The core component is a new, intuitive and web-based graphical user interface.

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Simple Overview of Batch Production in the Data Center

The Enterprise Control Center enables customers to gain an immediate overview of their batch production executed with EJM or the Discovery Agent Network in the distributed platform world.

  • Rapidly check the status of jobs, agents and server systems,
  • Track error causes,
  • View details or log data with a single click of the mouse.

New functions, such as an interactive cockpit (dashboard), further allow for a presentation of information that is not possible using traditional 3270 panels.

Enterprise Control Center – A Modern GUI


Administrators, too, stand to benefit from the ECC, which significantly speeds up daily chores. A software-based wizard assists administrators in integrating new systems with the Discovery Agent Network, thus simplifying or even automating this task.

The wizard guides users through the process one step at a time and allows them to perform a simulation of the defined actions before executing these.

In addition to the graphical user interface, the ECC delivers functions for operating major Beta Systems products via web services. This means customers can integrate their own systems, scripts or web-based information portals to automate administration tasks, among other things.

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