Smart Workflows Based on Digital Print Lists

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Web is the FutureThe three-pack comprising Beta 92, Beta 93 and the Beta Web Enabler is a common combination operated in the data centers of many major German corporations.

Today’s blog article illustrates how a southern German manufacturer of premium-segment automobiles introduced these applications to cut down on paper consumption and provide their global user base with access to logs and print lists.

Office or HR applications are no longer commonly found on the host nowadays, having mostly been relocated to the client-server landscape. This results in stable or even reduced print volumes on the mainframe. Beta 93 provides functions for even further reducing the print output. A southern German manufacturer of premium vehicles, who is also one of our oldest Beta 93 users, serves as an excellent example.

While print lists and other mainframe output was previously printed as a rule, the automotive group today generates it in digital format using our output management solution.

The specialist departments can view their electronic lists on screen and selectively print the pages they actually need. This significantly reduces the amount of paper output generated at the company.

Connecting Jobs and Print Lists with Ease

At the same time, the number of job logs is consistently increasing here and at many other companies. This is where Beta 92, another product of the DCI portfolio, enters the picture. The number of job logs archived in Beta 92 each month ranges from 180,000 to 200,000 and is steadily rising – living proof of the ongoing importance of the mainframe in the corporate world.

According to our customer, what makes their Beta Systems system so powerful is the combined use of Beta 92 and Beta 93: Users can conveniently switch from Beta 92 to Beta 93 to move from the job to the associated print list. This greatly accelerates jobs and document viewing at the company, because any authorized user can call up the lists without any delay.

Bye Bye 3270

Access is established via traditional 3270 IBM terminals that allow users to switch back and forth between the job and print list. The Beta Web Enabler offers an alternative means of handling digital job logs and print lists. This highly convenient tool is ideal for users who do not always have a 3270 emulation running or for those who don’t have access to this terminal at all, for instance colleagues working in foreign subsidiaries. Hundreds of the automotive group’s users use the web application on a daily basis. Their highly positive feedback implies that now they are able to work in a smart and intuitive fashion.

In order to ensure failsafe operation of our solutions, the group installed the Web Enabler on redundant servers. This is essential as there is one thing production truly does not need: unstable systems! Our 24/7 support provides personal and reliable assistance to help our customers keep their systems running at all times.