Why Job Control Language (JCL) for Data Centers?

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Nowadays, companies need production systems that are highly available and reliable in order to remain competitive. The Job Control Language (JCL) is an essential component for the smooth operation of these systems. JCL for Data Center aims to provide a means of communication between application programs, system hardware, and operating systems. However, errors in JCL coding can adversely affect production and cause unwanted delays.

The importance of JCL in Data Centers

JCL for Data Centers | The challenge: Due to the complex nature of JCL, the probability of occurrence of errors is high. In particular, each time new or modified JCLs are introduced. In most cases, especially under deadlines and time pressure, it is not an easy task to thoroughly test the JCL for all events before the applications are put into production. Assuring great performance of JCL in Data Center is very important at this level. SmartJCL is therefore required to manage this situation.

What is SmartJCL and How does it work?

SmartJCL is the most cost-efficient JCL Checker for all Data Centers that allow you to audit JCL and create error-free JCL. SmartJCL is designed for IBM z/OS and IBM System_z. It uses interfaces to various z/OS components such as Security Server (RACF), Catalog Access Method Services, and System Managed Storage (SMS). It equally determines the status of IBM DB2 for z/OS to verify whether a DB2 system can be used by a validated job.

JCL Data Center: Auditing and creating error-free JCL using SmartJCL

The SmartJCL management tool offers you the following advantages:

  • Audit JCL and create error-free JCL in all Data Centers.
  • The SmartJCL management tool drastically reduces the number of aborts, which in turn eliminates the risk of losing time in tight batch windows.
  • Moreover, it significantly reduces the effort required to search for potential sources of problems under time pressure – often in the middle of the night.
  • SmartJCL also offers integrated scheduler interfaces, such as IBM’s IWS z/OS, a powerful Reformat feature, and a REXX interface for flexible maintenance of your JCL.

To find out how to save time and money using a SmartJCL Checker for Data Centers, check out this free verification tool: https://www.betasystems-dci.com/en/products/smartjcl-the-easy-way-to-faultless-jcl/#offer-request

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