How to Migrate from the Mainframe to Linux?

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How to Migrate from the Mainframe to the Linux Why changing the core company business application changes the whole company IT. And how Beta Systems helps to make this transition happen. Many companies have thoughts about changing their core business application, e.g. their ERP system or – in this example – their core banking system. Those changes are usually complex, as the dependencies in IT and organization are deep and sometimes unknown. Learn how a retail bank is managing this transition process from its custom legacy mainframe solution to a leading retail banking core application in a renewed IT environment.

Today, homogeneous IT landscapes based on a technology stack (e.g. using IBM, Microsoft or Unix/Linux systems) are no longer the norm. Most customers with a longstanding Mainframe background now employ hybrid infrastructures comprising e.g. self-build programs run on the host combined with server-based applications operated on other systems. The retail bank started taking this to the next level by migrating all mainframe operations to a new server-based operating system platform. This decision was made after selecting a new core banking system which will be operated on a linux platform. The comprehensive migration project also requires the bank to migrate all scheduling, output management and print distribution products on the new platform.

Replacing custom or self-build, host-based and batch-operated programs with state-of-the-art, standards-based core banking software is the key pillar of the customer’s present modernization strategy and many other major banks as well.

Why changing the core banking application and the IT environment:   

  • It allows financial institutions to reduce expenditures for system operation and maintenance.
  • Implement new business processes much faster and better meet increasing legal requirements.
  • Leveraging new functionality not available for the legacy platform.

A modern core banking system such as Avaloq, which the customer started to introduce in early 2015, allows the bank to meet challenges including real-time banking, new functionality, compliance, transparency and traceability of business cases much more effectively.

Service for a Smooth Platform Transition

At Beta Systems we are very aware of this trend. Most customers with a longstanding Mainframe background now employ hybrid infrastructures comprising e.g. home-grown programs run on the host combined with server-based applications operated on other systems. We are ready, whatever the platform of choice: The Beta UX Suite delivers software tools for scheduling, job log and output management as well as archiving in Unix environments, complementing the traditional host-based product range. These tools help companies to carry out this transition as smoothly as technologically possible.

Real-Life Example

A customer of many years serves as an excellent example. The company has been using a comprehensive portfolio of Beta Systems products to manage its host-based IT processes for nearly 20 years. To facilitate complex migrations from z/OS to Unix, the Beta Systems Professional Services experts developed a dedicated, standardized procedure based on their own tools and checklists that reflects the experience gained in many projects.

Beta Systems Professional Service Migration

This allows us to help customers carry out scheduling & batch processing, log management, output management as well as document archiving migrations reliably and quickly.

For instance, definitions stored in output management systems can be migrated to the new target system at a degree of automation in the range of 90%. In the case of archive systems, even up to 100% migration automation is possible.

Migration Starts with the Document Archive

The first step in the bank’s migration project involved replacing the former document archive with Beta UX ContentMaster. This took precedence over introducing the new core banking solution and replacing the z/OS platform. The legacy system was introduced in 1994 and has not seen any further development by the manufacturer for a long time. Our distributed Beta UX ContentMaster solution ensures forward-looking, legally compliant archiving of a broad range of different document types including account statements, securities notifications, forms and scanned incoming documents such as remittance slips. This solution is already supporting daily operations at the bank. A total of approx. 80 million documents were transferred to the new archive.

Beta UX LogMaster and Beta UX DistributionMaster are additional solutions for job log management and output management part of the Beta UX suite. On the Unix platform, they seamlessly perform the tasks previously handled by Beta 92 and 93. Thanks to the positive experience made with Beta Systems in the past, the bank decided to use these tools to guarantee a seamless transition process.

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