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Reinsured Customers Thanks to Automated Data Reconciliation

Reinsured Customers Thanks to Automated Data Reconciliation

Automated data reconciliation implemented at a major Canadian bank.

When Oscar Peterson (who died in 2007) wrote the song “My Personal Touch,” most people probably thought the title was referring to the piano keys he so skillfully caressed. But that’s far off the mark: The world famous jazz pianist dedicated this piece to the “personal touch banking machines” of Canada’s largest bank. They were highly advanced even back in 1981. Complex technology hidden beneath a user-friendly interface – in order to implement this objective, the bank relies on products from Beta Systems that help it keep data center processes up and running. This is among our largest Beta 91 installations in North America, and it has been upgraded and extended ever since its introduction in the early 90s.

Rapidly Integrating New Applications into the Live IT Environment

They are referred to as applications or jobs in the IT world. Managers call them business processes. The objective is the same: It’s about driving business. 70% of automated IT applications are directly connected to real business. Given the vast amount of data large companies handle on a daily basis, automated applications must thus be subjected to effective quality assurance processes.

So how can large data centers quickly implement new applications or software updates into the production environment without the risk of introducing errors in the process?

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Bernhard Prüger
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