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Why Centralized Workload Automation Makes Sense

Why Centralized Workload Automation Makes SenseWhen people hear keywords like ‘automation’, ‘IT automation’ or ‘I&O automation’, most will picture a complex data center automation solution.

Experience has shown that many companies still do not have a central workload automation scheme in place.

This article illustrates how easy it can be to expand on existing IT automation systems to gain added value in the data center and beyond.

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Thomas gr. Osterhues

Thomas is Senior Manager Marketing at Beta Systems. While working at market leaders Coca-Cola and Lidl, he was infected with the tech bug and moved rapidly into the software world, working for leading ECM and IAM companies in Marketing, Channel Sales and Product & Solution Management., with a strong focus on business processes and data center solutions at large clients.
He is able to rapidly understand and articulate how technology can solve specific business challenges: for sectors, channels, prospects, teams … and bring all stakeholders on board. He is someone who gets the job done – and then some.