How to implement IT auditing in your Data Center


Ever stricter laws and guidelines are putting increasing pressure on corporate audit departments to further improve their IT security and optimize reporting. However, the laws and guidelines generally do not specify concrete IT measures that can be readily implemented. Instead, best practice approaches described in the BSI IT list of basic security measures apply. Companies are faced with the challenge of turning the measures listed there into concrete evaluation rules or policies. We provide hands-on recommendations on how to implement dynamic IT auditing and show you which requirements need to be met to be on the safe side.

How to reduce printing costs

Annual cost savings of more than € 1.4 million and improved ecological balance by reducing print volume – a bank relies on the Output Management solution from Beta Systems.

In 2012, for its internal and external needs, a large European bank was printing up to 7.5 million A4 pages on its mainframe printers, the equivalent of 34,000 pages per day. Per minute, the printing volume rose up to 70 pages, resulting in a continuous printing flow all over the year.

HP Germany Rolling Out Personnel Records Factory Style

HP Germany Rolling Out Personnel Records Factory StyleLDMS ePersonalakte (electronic personnel record) from Beta Systems subsidiary SI Software Innovation is a key component of HP Germany’s BPO HR Factory. An increasing number of administrations and companies, in particular large ones, outsource their entire personnel processes to external service providers. In Germany alone, more than 750 customers from the public and private sector draw on the services offered by Hewlett-Packard GmbH.

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