Why Output Management ‘Is a Thing’ for C-Level Management

BS_Infografik-Papierloses-Rechenzentrum_FB_13-02Output management is a subject that does not draw a lot of enthusiasm from most people.

But what makes it increasingly ‘sexy’ and worth paying attention to is the potential for significant cost savings it holds. Taking advantage of this potential is a good strategy for C-level managers – who tend to be in charge of OM – to make their mark.

Operlog Tools – The New Simplicity of Handling z/OS Log Streams

operlog-tools-mainframe-logstreamsBeta Systems upgrades log management solution portfolio for z/OS by adding OPERLOG and z/OS log stream applications in a new product bundle called Operlog Tools.

Several customers asked us for tools that facilitate Operlog archiving and easy Operlog access. The powerful Operlog Tools product package is our answer.

Prevent Faulty Negative Account Balances!

Beta 91 - Kein falsches Minus auf dem KontoWhat happened to a major financial service provider when they prepared their quarterly statement makes the perfect case for Beta 91: According to press sources, a computer error caused faulty bookings affecting hundreds of accounts, in some cases resulting in negative balances in the range of tens of throusands of dollars.

No doubt, discovering these balances will have been quite a scare for the customers. While the bank insisted that only a few accounts were involved, apologized to its customers and quickly corrected the postings, still, such an event can cause long-term damage to the corporate image.

Smart Workflows Based on Digital Print Lists

Web is the FutureThe three-pack comprising Beta 92, Beta 93 and the Beta Web Enabler is a common combination operated in the data centers of many major German corporations.

Today’s blog article illustrates how a southern German manufacturer of premium-segment automobiles introduced these applications to cut down on paper consumption and provide their global user base with access to logs and print lists.

Lines of Code – Up to the HORIZON(T)

Lines of Code – Up to the HORIZONTAt home, we use Office or layout programs on a daily basis and thus know that we need to implement updates and current patches from time to time.

Naturally, the software landscape of a major corporation is vastly more complex. This blog article illustrates how the products of our subsidiary HORIZONT help you keep your system environment up to date.

Rapidly Integrating New Applications into the Live IT Environment

They are referred to as applications or jobs in the IT world. Managers call them business processes. The objective is the same: It’s about driving business. 70% of automated IT applications are directly connected to real business. Given the vast amount of data large companies handle on a daily basis, automated applications must thus be subjected to effective quality assurance processes.

So how can large data centers quickly implement new applications or software updates into the production environment without the risk of introducing errors in the process?

Saving Print Costs Across all Platforms

Saving Print Costs Across all Platforms_engThere are many ways to get things done right. When applying this truth to Beta Systems, it means that no matter on which platform our customers are running their applications – be it the mainframe or a server landscape – Beta Systems solutions will help them optimize their print output in either case.

Municipal IT service provider Kommunale Informationsverarbeitung Reutlingen-Ulm serves as a perfect example of this. The municipal regional data center obtains software from the Datenzentrale Baden-Wuerttemberg IT provider, which it installs and adapts to its IT infrastructure. It then makes the functions of the specialist procedures available to the 364 municipalities and district administrations in the 13 eastern Baden-Wuerttemberg counties it serves, while also handling all data management tasks, such as printing and enveloping bulk mailings.