Operlog Tools – The New Simplicity of Handling z/OS Log Streams

operlog-tools-mainframe-logstreamsBeta Systems upgrades log management solution portfolio for z/OS by adding OPERLOG and z/OS log stream applications in a new product bundle called Operlog Tools.

Several customers asked us for tools that facilitate Operlog archiving and easy Operlog access. The powerful Operlog Tools product package is our answer.

Operlog Tools comprises:

  • Operlog Manager V2.5
  • Logstream Manager V2.5 and
  • Sysplex Communicator V2.5

The tools help you perform error and fault analysis of the Operlog and general z/OS log stream data.

Key features include:

  • Rapidly search and analyze log entries
  • Gain access to all detailed Operlog information
  • View relevant information using sophisticated filter options
  • Manage and store Operlogs in the source format (MDB)
  • Use a powerful batch interface (JCL)

How can you benefit from Operlog Tools?

The Operlog contains information essential to system operation. The Operlog Manager product of the Operlog Tools package facilitates fast, reliable and convenient identification and retrieval of relevant log information.

Comprehensive functions for showing or hiding log data, the option to store search filters, as well as functions for viewing events that occurred just before or after an event allow users to rapidly find desired information or limit the hit list to a few candidates.

Also, Operlog data can be archived in a loss-free manner (lossy data conversion to the syslog format is no longer necessary) and viewed/searched at any time.

Easy log data analysis with Operlog Tools

Easy log data analysis with Operlog Tools


The dedicated batch interface of the Operlog Manager furthermore supports Operlog data access via custom JCL scripts.

The second Operlog Tools component, Logstream Manager, provides functions for viewing, sorting and filtering z/OS log streams, for displaying definitions and connections, as well as for querying SMF log streams.

Operlog Tools is now available for testing – please get in touch with your sales contact. The software is installed and set up very quickly, and there are no technological dependencies between Operlog Tools and any other Beta Systems products.

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