Efficient Troubleshooting Delivers Smooth IT production

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Credit Suisse introduced Operlog Tools from Beta Systems to speed up IT production error resolution. Ever since, Credit Suisse has been able to reduce the risk of unplanned downtimes and has greatly accelerated the task of narrowing down errors.

Beta Systems

Efficient Troubleshooting Delivers Smooth IT production

Rapid Error Analysis Thanks to Detailed Data Access

The Operlog Tools provide options for analyzing online data and archived information via a simple yet powerful interface. It allows employees of Credit Suisse to evaluate serious production errors with ease. This is made possible thanks to comprehensive selection and filter criteria that can be custom configured or shared with team members. The latter option ensures that all contributing parties have a unified case view.

The product was introduced quickly and smoothly in only four months’ time. As the new tool made it necessary to change from Syslog to Operlog logs, thiswas the only ‘challenge’ encountered during product introduction.

Powerful Search Functions Rapidly Deliver Critical Information

Among the key reasons to opt for the Beta Systems solution were its highly flexible search options. At the onset of troubleshooting an error, individual suspicious or critical messages, message parts or jobs are generally known. However, in many cases it is of equal importance to learn what happened right before or after an event.

The Operlog Tools provide users with a selection option that proves highly useful to analysis as it allows for defining a time frame in seconds. The system then shows messages that occurred before and after the event for this interval. This unique function in particular simplifies the task of analyzing errors. No competing provider offers comparable functionality.

What added to the appeal of the proven, cost-efficient Operlog solution was the longstanding, highly satisfying business relationship with Beta Systems, as well as the deep know-how of Beta Systems’ mainframe consultants.

Beta Systems partner YCOS Yves Colliard GmbH assisted in the introduction of the Operlog Tools.

Clearly Visible Improvements in IT production

Credit Suisse has already been operating Operlog for more than a year. The solution is running very reliably and is enjoying a high degree of satisfaction. Errors that used to take 30 minutes or even longer to track down are now identified in just 5 minutes. Both real-time and archived messages can be viewed.

More information on Operlog Tools is available here.