Clever Document Management Solutions Set Up by Customers

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Clever Document Management Solutions Set Up by Customers2For many of our customers, document management is of key importance. Be it due to legal provisions that force a customer to archive certain documents over the long term, or because of contracts or agreements with a very long lifecycle (life insurance, public sector) whose original data must be available to processors for decades.

Read this article to find out how our customers are handling a broad range of requirements.

To us it does not matter on which platform customers are operating their output management system. What is important is that staff and customers can access all relevant data and can share them as needed.

Beta Systems DCI Software AG is catering to this need by developing output management, document management and archiving products that offer maximum flexibility. They can be adapted to a wide range of business models, industries and platforms. For example, users can employ the archiving, output management or log management solutions both on the mainframe and in the client-server world.

Changing the Platform for Output Management

KiruIf you want to learn how to implement a smooth transition, take a look at Kommunale Informationsverarbeitung Reutlingen-Ulm (Kiru). Owing to the good performance of Beta 93 output management system on the mainframe over many years, the operator now also runs Beta UX, which is the Unix/Linux version of the application. The migration was carried out during ongoing operations over a two-year period.

Migrating from the Mainframe to Linux

BHF BANKBeta Systems Professional Services also supported other companies, such as BHF-Bank, in their effort to change to a new platform. To take Kiru as an example, their migration showed how important it is to open up document management to other systems. This is because the public sector, in particular, has a vast number of specialist procedures specific to the individual administrative departments. They all deliver their output to Beta UX, which, in turn, bundles the data and generates targeted output.

Reduced Workload on IBM z System Thanks to Offloading – DVZ M-V

DVZDVZ M-V GmbH Schwerin, IT service provider for the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (DE), is a user that operates much like Kiru. It employs the Beta 92 and Beta 93 products to manage the vast print output generated by the applications, bundle output data streams and separate them according to recipients.

At DVZ, too, the specialist procedures are executed on the z/OS, zLinux and Unix platforms. Unix-based SAP generates a particularly large volume of print output. But thanks to a special web application, users can view their standard reports (cost unit/cost center reports) regardless of where they are and what application the data originates from. This saves the DVZ from having to acquire expensive SAP licenses, and it further reduces the expense for printing and paper.

Document Management & Archive – Knappschaft Bahn See

Kanppschaft Bahn SeeConvenient user search options are of the essence at KBS. With their current system, LDMS (Large Documents Management System) from Beta Systems subsidiary SI, the insurer is able to make all 2.1 million electronic records available to all employees for immediate access, thus facilitating smooth and efficient workflows.

Cutting Down on Printing Costs in the Automotive Industry

Car-96A premium car manufacturer based in southern Germany, who was among the first Beta 93 users, previously printed all print lists and other output generated in the mainframe applications. Today, the company maintains all this data in the output management solution.

The specialist departments can view relevant data using a modern web application and only print the pages they actually need. This significantly reduces the amount of paper output generated at the manufacturer. By opting for Beta 92, the company decided to introduce another product for job log archiving. This allows users to move back and forth between objects in both repositories, i.e., from the job to the associated print list and vice versa.

Document Management: Conclusion

The flexible Output Management System and document management solutions from Beta Systems empower companies to tap into their information ‘treasures’ stored on the various platforms employed. This results in an increased return on data and opens up a vast potential for optimizing IT operations across the board. By the way, this brain child of Beta Systems has a name: Discovery Generation!

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